Knowing God

Knowing God is the most rewarding pursuit in life. You and I were created for relationship with Him. In fact, life will never be completely satisfying without a relationship with God.  It was God's plan from the beginning to have a family.  We were created for relationship with Him.

"Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ."  Eph. 1:5a

That tells us something about the character and plan of God.  His plan centers around you.

In the beginning Adam and Eve walked and talked daily with God.  They had close fellowship with him.  Even though they eventually listened to the voice of the enemy and chose to reject God's plan, God continued with His plan for His family.  He was not content to be separated from His children because of sin. The Bible says "at the right time" he sent Jesus to pay the penalty for sin so that he could once again bring His family back to Himself. (See Gal. 4:4)

Furthermore, God gave us an entire volume of 66 books in the Bible that we might know and understand his wonderful plan for relationship with us.  It reveals who he is.It shows the totality of God and His character and all that is available to us through Christ Jesus. Such things as, salvation, joy, healing, peace, protection, and so many other wonderful things that are part of God's plan. The joy of knowing Him is offered to everyone who will accept Christ as their savior.