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John Miller - Lead Pastor

John is a creative pastor who desires to show people that the Word of God was designed to change how people think. When a person changes how they think a transformation takes place that can change their entire life.

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Keith Swartzendruber - Children's Pastors

Christi and I believe children who have a relationship with Christ are empowered for a successful future. We strive to present God's Word in a way that is both creative and exciting, enabling children to gain a personal understanding of God's plan for their life.


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Lisa Cruse - Worship Pastor

Lisa has been a part of the music ministry of The Chapel since 2007. Her desire is to lead others in an authentic worship experience using contemporary music. Lisa is confident that a true encounter with God sets a foundation for life change.  

Nicole Carrano-Johnson- young adult minister

Nicole graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2012. She interned with Refuge Student Ministries for over a year. She now works with Grid Singles Ministry to help disciple Young Adults. Her driving passion is to see God's people grow beyond the preliminary stages of their faith into the deepest waters of a divine relationship with their Savior. 


Luke Miller- youth pastor

My hope is that by creating a fun and interactive service, that we will be able to lead this young and exciting generation, to Jesus. I pray that everyone who attends Refuge, feels as if they belong here.



Breana Hawthorne- youth pastor

Breana lives for the opportunity to share the beauty of the written Word of God. It is her passion to encourage others in their walk with God and it is her fondest hope that she can communicate just how amazing it is to have a vibrant and intimate relationship with the Lord. She actively looks for ways to challenge and inspire others to continue to go deeper in Christ.

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Mark Miller-youth pastor

Mark is passionate about student ministries and young adult discipleship. He serves as one of three youth pastors and attends Southwestern Assembly of God University in Waxahachie, Texas . His desire is to see the students and young adults of the community come to believe in and serve within the kingdom of God.


paul adame- young adult minister

Paul was involved in youth ministry for eight years prior to moving over to work with The Grid Young Adults. He is a full-time teacher and coach. His passion for ministry is helping people find meaning in living for and loving God.